AFA10 Friends, Allies and Enemies

AFA10 Friends, Allies and Enemies

Asia's Shifting Loyalties


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“These are anxious times. Not since early 1942 have Australians felt so in need of allies, yet been so unsure of their major ally … Canberra is eagerly, even desperately, looking for new protectors.” HUGH WHITE

The tenth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines the alliances, blocs and rivalries emerging across the Asia-Pacific as nations adjust to the changing balance of power.

Friends, Allies and Enemies considers Australia’s diplomatic options as loyalties shift in an increasingly turbulent region.

  • Hugh White argues that Australia’s plan for countering Chinese ambitions – building new alliances in Asia – is destined to fail.
  • Rory Medcalf considers the potential of multilateral forums such as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue.
  • Karen Middleton examines how foreign aid and diplomacy can strengthen ties with our neighbours.
  • Patrick Lawrence calls on Australia to bid farewell to US influence in the Asia-Pacific and embrace an Asian-led regional order.
  • Allan Behm proposes a bold new Pacific aid donors’ conference led by Australia.
  • Primrose Riordan details the rapacious effects of China’s new security law in Hong Kong.
  • Timothy J. Lynch examines the challenges ahead for the United States.
  • Renée Fry-McKibbin surveys capitalism’s failure in the midst of COVID-19.
  • Sophie Chao reports on the West Papuan struggle for independence.
  • PLUS Correspondence on AFA9: Spy vs Spy from John Hewson, Jenny McAllister, Lesley Seebeck and more.