Insanity Never Felt So Good

Insanity Never Felt So Good

Miss Izona Wells


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Jada has had two different customer service rep jobs in the last nine months, and she is skating on thin ice with Luther, her current supervisor for being late numerous times, and not servicing customers appropriately. This particular morning, she has a flat fire, which forces her to leave her car and hustle to work. An irate customer that she was assisting pushes Jada to the end of her rope, and she inadvertently calls the customer a b----. This resorts to immediate termination by Luther. Jada now wants revenge! She asks her coworker Lisa to help her get the customer (who turned her in) and Luther in one sweep. Lisa owes Jada a favor or two so reluctantly agrees. Luther has always had the hots for Lisa. Jada needs vital personal information that Lisa can get from Luther. What materializes next is some very detailed hot and heavy sex encounters between Lisa and Luther that occurs in restrooms, under work desks, and everywhere else. Someone falls in love. Enters Sheree, Luther's wife, and she's not about to lose her husband over some bullshit. Jada has every intention of getting even, then an old boyfriend resurfaces and thus begins their hot and steamy, very detailed sexual encounters. You won't believe how far one can go when their situation seems threatened!