Le Cameleon

Le Cameleon

Linda Currie


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This book begins with an innocent child named Camilla, born in the late fifties. At the young age of six, Camilla becomes dominated by an Uncle who is a psychopathic pedophile. He does unspeakable things to her for almost a decade, which altered the way she dealt with the men she met during her young adult life. When she turns eighteen, she experiences the most horrific rape a young girl could ever imagine and almost dies in the hospital because of that experience. Because of these experiences, Camilla develops a character and personality that allows her to morph into the various charismata she needs to assume throughout her life to survive. She survived these experiences, not because of any self-conscious will or planning, but instead it was her ability to camouflage or disguise herself as an inherent reaction to conditions or circumstances. It is this ability that forms the basis of this story of "le caméléon." The horrible things Camilla had to endure as a young girl is now labeled, "Child Molestation." It's apparent that society is becoming more aware of how molestation can impact the development of victimized children as they make the transition into adulthood. As you read this story, you may think you recognize some of the characters within its pages, and at times you may even find yourself envious of parts of Camilla's life. After all, she experiences what many women dream about. Some of Camilla's life reads like an erotic novel, but never far away are flashbacks of her childhood molestation nightmares. Please enjoy reading about this complicated and mysterious character.